So Many Changes (and the latest Katie Reads video)…

So some readers already know that yesterday was my final exam at university for my master’s degree. It was the toughest exam I’ve ever sat, and afterwards, I went to one of my friends’ houses and we all partied until quite late at night.

Waking up brings a fresh perspective on reality, though. My master’s degree isn’t actually over yet; I still have to do a piece of research and hand it in. Our group doesn’t graduate until late late late in the year, by which time, I will be living in a different country.

My husband got a job abroad, way wayyyy outside Europe, and we’re going there for the foreseeable future. Whether I can fly back for graduation or not depends on how much flights cost to and from my new country (I promise I’ll tell you where I’ve gone once we get there… I just don’t want to accidentally jinx it). But, before then, it’s all happening.

We’re actually leaving before the hand-in deadline for my research, so it’s been non-stop recently; ditching our worldly goods, trying to find someone to rent the house, and trying to pull yet more money out of anywhere to get repairs made to the place so our future tenants don’t have to worry about anything when they move in. Then there’s keeping this website running, making a webcomic every week, writing my books (actually, I have such a long backlog of books waiting to be published at this point that I seriously don’t need to write anything for AT LEAST a couple of months, but I do have edits to make), then there’s the monthly YouTube videos, and lastly, there’s my research, for which I have to go across the country and collect field data this week.

SO it’s hard to tell if I’m coming or going at the moment! But I’m looking forward to it all, even if it’s going to be complicated to get it all sorted out in time.

One of my friends said yesterday, “Not having to pretend like you have your shit together — because it’s actually together — is a sign of being a grownup. Then it’s game over and everything becomes predictable and boring.” Perish the thought. So maybe a bit more chaos is a good thing.

And with that in mind, here’s the link to this month’s Katie Reads video – where I read an excerpt from my F/f/F menage, “Serving the Immortals.” And I call it by the wrong title. 😂 When I tried to fix it, I discovered that YouTube has helpfully removed annotations, like, it’s not a thing any more.

Lots of love,
Katie xxxx