Erotica Words for Spanking and Anal Sex Writers in BDSM Erotic Romance

As part of my series on writing spanking erotic romance stories, which I write about on Tuesdays, I wanted to talk about the butt today, or rather, words you can use to write about the bottom!

There are an abundance of erotica dictionaries and romance dictionaries on Amazon, (and really, they’re a thesaurus for sex words). I bought some of them (I won’t name and shame), and I was surprised to find they lacked an important set of words that spanking authors need: Bottom words and words to do with anal sex! I guess BDSM authors will have the same problem if they write anal/spanking scenes.

Writing a successful spanking scene depends on being able to describe what is going on in a way that doesn’t jar readers or confuse them, and sometimes when I’m writing a BDSM scene or a spanking story, I find I just can’t think of the exact word that I wanted to use to describe the bottom!

To help everyone out, here’s some useful erotica words especially for spanking writers and anal sex authors. Because the butt is a very interesting thing, and everyone should have lots of words for it! Where some of these are two-word descriptors, they’re not exhaustive, and there’s lots of scope for mix-and-match combos here!

I’ve tried to give a little context about how frequently you can get away with using these words; common words can be used at least once in a paragraph, less common words should be used less frequently, rare words (in my opinion) generally don’t read well but sometimes they can work, depending on what you’re writing. For example, in a sci-fi spanking romance, derriere probably wouldn’t work, but in a French historical spanking romance, it would be an awesome word to throw in occasionally. Bear in mind that this is all my opinion and your mileage may differ when it comes to word choice!

The greater butt area:
Common/frequent use words: Bottom, ass, cheeks.
Less common: Butt, behind, buttocks, rear, haunches, backside, posterior, rump, seat, globes.
Rare: Derriere, mounds, buns, tail, sit-upon, glutes, gluteus maximus, cleft between the cheeks.
Ageplay-specific: Tushie, botty, bum.
British: Bum, arse, crack, beam end.

The anus opening:
Common/frequent use words: Bottom, ass, ass hole, hole, rear opening, rear entrance.
Less common: Ring of muscle, rosebud, puckered hole, least-used opening.
Rare: Anus, sphincter.
British: Arse hole.

Inside the anus:
Common/frequent use words: Back/rear passage.
Less common: Rear tunnel/channel, bowels, gut, colon, inner sphincter (there’s two), prostate.

Things the anus does:
Clenches, quivers, shudders, expels, opens, tightens, contracts, pulses/winks, squeezes.

Words to describe hand spankings:
Commonly/frequently: Spanked, swatted, reddened, landed.
Less common: Pawed, smacked, cracked (as in, his palm cracked), peppered, blows, flurry of (swats/blows/spanks), punished.

Places that get spanked:
Commonly/frequently: cheeks, sit-spot, thighs, top of the thighs.
Less common: Clit, inner thighs, the area around the ass hole, the sulcus muscle (where the thighs meet the butt cheeks), palm of the hand.

There are probably plenty more than this, if I think of any others, I’ll update this list! Got any more? Add them in the comments!

Lots of love,
Katie xxxx

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